A Dedicated Professional

Chris Carlin has been working with our son for several years. His expertise and caring dedication has made a real difference for our son, as well as our entire family.

Two years ago, our son went through a traumatic experience related to school. Chris went above and beyond the call of duty, working with us to find the right services for our son, and to help him heal. He was available day and night, as we fought to help our son through a horrible ordeal.

There are many clinicians available, but very few that truly understand kids with special differences. His experience and commitment to these children is quite unique. Chris has worked in therapeutic settings as well as school settings, which enables him to help families understand their children, and navigate the system. Chris is always willing to go the extra step beyond a 50-minute session. Whether it’s another phone call, or visiting our son at school, Chris is there.

As a therapist, Chris is nurturing, but no-nonsense. While he works with our son to handle his daily challenges, his ultimate goal is to help our son through school, and develop the independence and confidence to succeed in life. We can’t ask for more than that in a therapist.



A grateful mom

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