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As a parent I always wanted what was best for my child. When I first received the news that my son had Aspergers, I was stunned, scared and hurt as I did not know what having this diagnosis meant for my child. My son was misdiagnosed for years and was on copious amounts of medications that either had no affect or made things worse. I began reading everything I could on Aspergers and ASD in order to wrap my head around the diagnosis. The more I read the more I realized that finally the professionals had made the right diagnosis. This was my son, he was struggling with his executive functioning, socially he was struggling to make friends, he was unable to maintain conversations as well as eye contact and his ability to control his emotions were a constant challenge.

My son was able to make it through high school with a lot of support and “pull out” services, but now was the very real and scary part of my son’s life. He was smart enough to go to college, but what about all the other deficits he had, how could I as a parent assist him with these areas from so far from home? Who would make sure he was continuing to develop the necessary skills needed to be successful in life? I was lost and fearful until I began researching services available for high school and college students and became aware of ASD Center for Therapeutic Support and Chris Carlin.

Chris Carlin has developed an amazing individualized support process that vanquished the fear and uncertainty I had in helping my son become a successful viable young man in today’s society. I personally found Chris to be an understanding and talented professional that truly has empathy for my son and for my family. He has been working with my son for two years now and my son has become a more capable and accomplished college student than I could ever have imagined. Chris uses Skype technology to place himself three times a week wherever my son happens to be on campus. He has assisted with life skills, emotional regulation and getting tutoring and support services through the college support services department as needed for my son . Not only that, but Chris calls me weekly to give me a general update on the progress of my son. At one point my son got himself so worked up that he was about to quit college. I contacted Chris and he went to my son’s college and assisted my son in making a better decision and kept him in school. That is what I call above and beyond the call of duty. I believe this is just one of the things that make his service so valuable.

I get to have my son attend the college he always dreamed of and with Chris Carlin’s vigilance his dream is becoming a reality. I would recommend Chris Carlin and ASD Center for Therapeutic Services without reservation. He has stepped up when needed without enabling my son to rely on him. Thank you Chris and thanks to the ASD Center for all that you have done for my son and my family.



“A Mother in Need”

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