Support for Families

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.57.35 AMFacilitating Growth and Understanding

ASD Center for Therapeutic Services assists with organization, self-advocacy, social difficulties and emotional regulation. We help each child, adolescent, young  adult, and family system understand their strengths and challenges to assist positive, long-term development. In addition, we help the family recognize their own unique abilities to support their loved ones by enhancing parenting skills, advocacy skills and communication skills.

Flexible, convenient services in the comfort of your home

  • Initial evaluation session to assess how we can help
  • Ability to meet and counsel remotely via Skype or other video conferencing system
  • Hands-on support developing independent living skills
  • Support with organizational functioning concerns
  • Individualized, tailored support
  • Visual technology to assist in non-verbal and para-verbal communication
  • Ability to work with family system to address pressing student issues
  • Goal setting
  • Consistent, systematic evaluation of progress
  • Wrap around services with clinical and other professional support to eliminate duplication
  • Informational meetings with parents for educational advancement advocacy

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