Resources for Professionals

Providing Resources, Mentoring and Evaluation

ASD Center for Therapeutic Services assists with organization, self-advocacy, social difficulties and emotional regulation. We encourage families to work with professionals in order to benefit from expertise in specific disciplines. In effect, the ASD Center partners with each professional, aligning our respective capabilities to better serve the family. Together we create a stronger safety net for students so they can realize positive long-term outcomes – at home, in school, in their community and on the job.


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.05.07 AMSpecialized Services and Training for Schools and Programs

  • Training on Autism Spectrum Disorders for teachers and administrators
  • Facilitation of specific groups for students with ASD including social skills, peer support, leadership, emotional regulation
  • Develop and facilitate consultant role for students having difficulty within the schools
  • Provide services to students with ASD on a contractual basis to facilitate student retention
  • Assist with IEP and/or 504 development to insure ASD students’ needs are being met
  • Participate in educational planning meetings to assist ASD students with language and skill development
  • Provide outside counseling services for ASD students and families
  • Create a solid partnership between the school district and the family to access necessary services
  • Offer suggestions for services or programs during the summer to increase skill development

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