Julie Banks

Julie_BanksJulie Banks, B.S. in psychology with a specialization in substance abuse, is an AAMET certified master trainer and expert practitioner in EFT/Tapping for PTSD. EFT is a mind/body self-empowerment technique that combines gentle tapping with our fingertips on acupuncture points while paying attention to a troublesome thought, feeling or problem that you wish to feel better about. Julie worked for the Newtown Trauma Relief & Resiliency Project, while mentoring licensed mental health professionals serving Newtowners. Her love for EFT developed when she used Tapping to heal her own trauma history, which ignited her mission to expand healing globally through the use of EFT to those affected by PTSD. She pioneered the use of EFT with acute psychiatric patients at Backus Hospital and has a private EFT coaching and mentoring practice.