Gwendolyn Watford

Gwendolyn_WatfordGwendolyn Watford, MSW, LMSW, RN Clinical Associate/Special Education Consultant


Elderly, Children and Youth, the Disabled, Incarcerated adults and youth, Parents of Children with Disabilities receiving special education services, Individuals with Mental Health and Counseling needs


Gwen graduated from Capital Community College and Springfield College with degrees in Human/Social Services and Law Enforcement and then went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Springfield College.

Past Experience:

Gwen has been working in the field of human services since 1987. She has been employed in both the private and public sectors. Areas of support included case management, counseling, advocacy training, networking support, grant writing and administration, coordination and facilitation of support and psychoeducational groups. She has assisted in facilitation of teams including mediation, negotiation and advocacy in order to achieve positive outcomes for clients.


To take the time needed to assist people in need and give them information so they can get the help they need for themselves of their loved ones.

Why see Gwen

  • Significant experience assisting families with children in need of special needs services
  • Extensive work with groups and individuals
  • Well trained in several modalities


“I believe that working on ourselves is difficult work made easy through support and understanding from others”

  • Gwendolyn Watford