Andrew Vogl

Andrew_Vogle_smThe VOGL PROGRAM – Andrew Vogl, M.A. BCBA Director – Autism Spectrum Disorders

Andrew Vogl, M.A., BCBA offers a dynamic and eclectic child-centered program that draws from many other modalities including the Son-Rise program, Pivotal Response Training, and Applied Behavior Analysis. This program serves infants and toddlers and can also be adapted to adolescents and adults.

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My name is Andrew Vogl, M.A., BCBA and I have been developing and designing strategies for the autism spetrum for 20 years now. I have taken a great deal of time to specificallly design highly efficient programs for all ages and levels of severity from infancy to adulthood. I accept insurance and other forms of payments and offer a free one-hour consultation in my Madison and Higganum offices here in Connecticut. Through hundreds of hours of research and implementing programs, I have designed my own intensive treatment method called “The Vogl Program” for infants and toddlers. My dream is for this program to be the most efficient and fastest way for parents to help their children erase the signs of autism. In creating this eclectic program, I have removed any strategies used my other programs I feel are unnecessary. I welcome you to bring your child into my office so I can demonstrate key points of the program with your child.

The following services are available, please contact Andrew Vogl regarding payment options.

 Infants and Toddlers and Children up to 8

  • Review of current program.
  • Full design of program including playroom design for optimal officiency.
  • Parent training – Includes hands-on coaching and modeling of specific strategies involved in The Vogl Program.

Preteens and Adolescents

  • Individual counsleing.
  • Parent training.
  • School consultations and FBA assessments.


  • Assessments of strengths and interests.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Consultation and review of current program.
  • Transition planning.